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Taiwan high quality motor.

Stroke: 3.5mm



1.CNC craft of aircraft aluminum body turns out light weight and lowest vibration.
2.Convention Spring with Double Bearings,Grommets System bring perfect GIVE for both liner and coloring.
This solution will work out less painful,less destroyed on the skin of the tattooists.30%‐50% less painful!
The Solution for this great Rotary Tattoo Machine on 25M1 Needles.
3.High duty quality Rotary Installed.Smooth and Durable!
4.Perfectly adjusted and tested by professionals for perfect quality.
5.Powerful & Easy applying for both liner and coloring.
6.Lowest vibration or noice,most delight for both tattoo artists and tattooists.


Professional supply bishop rotary tattoo machine



1.The Material is Aluminum Alloy,

2.tight-tolerance, low-resistance upgraded hardware

3.The Machine Frame is very firmed, and for surface, never discoloration, fading, not easily scratched..

4. Ergonomic Designed. Special for Delight Tattooing


The gun has a new precision adjustable needlebar stabilizing system which allows us to operate the machine without rubberbands, just add the exact amount of pressure against the needlebar and get a perfect stabilazed needle.

This top gun now has a new concept, a new round external piston causes minimal friction on the drive system, the motor and the engine is running more freely and cooler.

The motor part are made in Taiwan, could drive up to 50 needles or more without problems.

Improved tube vice locking system for the grips.

Adjust the speed by the power supply to 3.000 ~ 10.000 stitches per minute 7-12 volt.

Designed for use with standard needles, tubes, grips, and power supplies.

Low vibration, low noise, easy handling and flexibility, no tuning, no trouble.

RCA jack and clipcord connections are both on the machine.


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